by Maya Youssef

The Amor Collection

“Bang Bang, Cupid Shot Me Down.."
Inspired by the mythical creature Cupid, legand has it that a person struck by a Cupid's arrow feels uncontrollable desire. Sinful Jewels' iconic arrow represents erotic love and strong passion. 
My modern vision of Cupid's arrow came to life by using the classic Sinful Heart design, without the sinful horns, creating a new magical motif.
For extra radiance, I crafted the new jewels from 18 karat pink gold. The Sinful Heart is pave-set with shimmery red rubies, while the rest of the arrow is set using white flawless diamonds.
Fun fact: Rubies express emotions of strength and passion, attracting peace and success to those who wear it.
“Ooo Kill em." 
Like weapons of seduction, these new pieces will have you feeling like a bad ass!

  • A. Youssef says...

    Very interesting!!!! 👏

    On April 09, 2018

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