The Brand

Sinful Fine Jewels LLC 

SINFUL JEWELS was Founded In 2014 by Designer and Art Director Maya H. Youssef and her husband Ahmed (Dre) Youssef in Dallas, Texas. 

Jewels For The New World

Sinful's timeless pieces are showcased as works of art. Sinful encourages a modern lifestyle by creating bad ass jewelry, for men and women, that is fearless, vibrant, and chic! 

Maya finds inspiration in feminism presenting alluring designs to reflect and the modern women’s unstoppable character that can be worn freely while pursuing limitless dreams! 

Bespoke Jewelry

Sinful specializes in creating unique jewelry pieces for upscale clientele and top influencers. Guiding you through every step of your custom design, we take pride in bringing your most creative and challenging visions to life. 

Craftsmanship: The Art of Design 

Sinful Jewels works alongside extremely talented artisans in the United States focusing on high quality and skilled craftsmen for a flawless finish.

Our jewelry is crafted from the finest materials: 14K and 18K solid gold, platinum, sparkling diamonds and precious stones, using the most innovative techniques. 

All natural precious stones are sourced by a trusted name in the United States, who have been in the diamond business for generations.