by Maya Youssef

The Sinful Heart™ Bouquet By Maya Youssef

“There Is No Beauty Without Thorns..”
Sinful Blooms celebrates the art of nature. For the first arrangement, I chose fresh German red roses because they relate the best to the signature Sinful Heart™ design: A symbol of self-love, wisdom, beauty and, strength!

Among all florals, the red rose has the highest vibrational frequency. Both the red rose and Sinful Heart™ represent beauty, strength, love and passion sparking up great energy to any moment or place ! 


Designed and freshly handpicked #byMayaYoussef, the floral arrangement is available in two styles.

Fun Fact: Spray roses AKA sweetheart roses are smaller, last longer than regular roses, and look even better as they dry out!!

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