Maya H. Youssef

Designer and Art Director

Born in North Jersey to a family of entrepreneurs and raised in different parts of Florida, after getting married I ended up in Dallas, Tx. During that time, I was studying to be a dentist, But decided to move in a different direction than my medical career.

Growing up in a Middle Eastern family we believe in buying gold as an investment. I wasn’t interested in traditional jewelry pieces, but instead wanted modern designs that reflected my everyday lifestyle and personality. 

Driven by my strong passion for jewelry and fashion, I decided to turn my love of design into a career and follow my dreams! 



Self-taught designer, imagination and a close eye to detail are key elements when bringing my visions to life.

Nature, travel, art, street style and high end fashion all play a huge role in the influence I put into my designs. Mixing in my rich middle eastern culture, spiritual and healing beliefs which are all reborn and modernized through my jewelry.