Product Care

All Sinful products are crafted from great quality hypoallergenic materials that can be used for sensitive skin. 

Basic Jewelry Care- applies to all fashion

  • Please take off jewelry before swimming or showering
  • Avoid abrasive surfaces, harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures
  • Apply all cosmetics, hair spray, and perfumes before wearing jewelry 

Caring for sterling silver

  • Wipe your jewelry carefully to keep it clean and free of elements which oxidize 
  • Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place (plastic bag or closed box) to avoid tarnishing
  • Store your jewels in a cloth pouch to prevent sterling silver from scratching 

How to handle tarnishing 

For light tarnishing, simply wipe jewelry with a soft polishing cloth to restore the shine. For more severe tarnish, we recommend going to your local jeweler. If you wish to do it yourself, purchase a sulfur-based cleaning agent, which will remove any gathered tarnish without damaging the jewelry.